Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne - born in Bangkok Thailand - in 1939 was the first man - to have invented the portable computer.  He is an American but died at the age of 69 in India.  A pretty unique man if you asked me - and smarter than anyone that I’ve read about - this man is a member of Memsa.  Now if I was a technical recruiter having lots of Technical Recruiter Jobs I would hope I find someone like Adam Osborne - because someone like him only comes once in a lifetime.  I wished I was as smart as some people that I so admire - ok - maybe not as smart - but just 10%?
The first ever computer invented by Osborne was 12Kg - and costing less than $2000 USD - in 1981 - so you can imagine - that a lot of rich people would have wanted it then.  In 1981 - I think I haven’t even learned how to use a computer yet - let alone can afford to own one.  His portable computer were shipped out at 10,000 unit per month.  Osborne had the foresight to build computers not for those who is into it for a hobby but for the serious minded - who will use it for our daily lives.  And even though Osborne 1 didn’t make Osborne millions - he didn’t despair for he started writing books about computers - easy to read manuals.   Although, all the above didn’t make him rich - he was nevertheless admired for trying - which also taught me - something about running a business. The Osborne effect after reading it - made me realized that some stuff that I was doing wasn’t right.

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